6 Obvious Signs You Need New Tyres
February 6, 2020
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Helping Millennials With Car Tyres

The Brisbane millennials have grown up in a generation that is vastly different to the previous one. In fact, the difference is so great, that it is clearly the biggest change that any new generation has ever faced, by quite a mile.

To highlight the difference, we can use the example of the TV remote control. Just one or two generations before the millennials, they had to get up out of their seat to go and change the TV channel, using the knob on the TV. Now, they can just press buttons to do almost anything they want.

Cars are no different. There are electric windows, mirrors, seats, plus automatic transmission, and much more. There are sensors to detect optimum levels of many of the fluids the previous generations had to check manually, but unfortunately for the millennials, car tyres are not on this list.

Car tyres must still be checked manually, and most millennials, simply put, don’t have a clue how to do this. But it’s not their fault, because this is the type of society they grew up in, where everything has become automated to save time and hassle.

There was a recent survey conducted on drivers between the ages of 18 and 23, and it delivered some very interesting results. 34% of them did not know how to open a car bonnet, 40% of them did not know how to top up the windscreen wiper fluid, and 73% of them did not know how to change a flat tyre.

These are simple tasks, so we are not surprised to learn that they don’t know how to check for worn tread, correct tyre pressure, and cracks or bubbles in tyres and wheels. These can be tasks difficult enough for the older generations, so we can give a pass to the younger generations on this.

While a car breaking down from low oil, running out of petrol, or another fluid based issue, carries very low risk, tyre related problems, such as trying to avoid an accident with bald tyres, or having a tyre blow out, are highly dangerous and can lead to serious injury, or even death.

Fortunately, Quality Tyres & Wheels are the Brisbane experts for everything related to car tyres, rims and wheels. You can drop in any time and have your tyres inspected, to make sure you are safe on the road. We can even show you the basics of tyre maintenance. If you are a millenial or in the younger generation in Slacks Creek, let us keep you safe when driving on the roads.